Original Photography

Photography plays a huge part in my life. I do put the camera down from time to time, but I always come back to it. How can you escape it when you have a great camera on your phone? It’s with you at all times and so convenient.

Please peruse my favorite photographs that I’ve taken and let me know what you think. Have you got a favorite? Please let me know which one it is! Follow me on Instagram, I follow back.

Writings & myo͞oziNG

I can’t claim I have a vast collection of written work, but I do have a few. And I happen to be quite proud of them. You’ll also find EDITH in this section.

A novel that I am working on. As chapters are completed you can find them in this corner and partake with an escape into a futuristic world. Please feel free to provide feedback or comments.

Bernard’s Revelation – A short story from Bernard’s view, written immediately after watching S01E07 of Westworld. Highly recommend you watch the series, it’s amazing.
849 words; Reading time 3:29.

Edith – a novel I’m currently working on.

Get Social

Social media is all around us. It’s another new facet of life that can be very exciting to be a part of. I can admit that I enjoy maintaining a social profile not just for myself but for the business I work for and if I could – I would love to maintain it for other businesses that I love as well.

The key is learning all about the business or topic(s) you want to share and be a part of. And of course, it helps when you really like the brand you are helping to advocate for.

Currently, I maintain the social streams for Apeetogosan and I am beginning a small side project titled “Happy Little Castle” which is aimed at providing positive vibes and encouragement.

For additional information on the social media services I provide please head on over to the Get Social page.